Tuncoat Australia

Tuncoat Australia are specialists in tungsten coating all ground engaging tools used for earthmoving and agriculture. They supply a range of high quality products – from bucket teeth, cutting edges to seeding boots – as well as provide service and repair parts for clients.

Based in Geraldton, the family owned and operated business has been serving earthworks industries, including farming and mining sectors, across WA and Australia for over 16 years.

Husband and wife team, Mark and Kathie Dawson, have been working with AMD for the last 5 years and now have one eye on the future as they look to involve their children more in the business. 

AMD has always been really supportive of our small business, which is something we don’t take for granted. We generally work closely with Tas (Tasman Nolan, Director) and Melissa Criddle, but everyone in the team is friendly.

They help us with our annual taxes, making sure everything is in line and we’re getting the most out of our returns. They’ve also assisted with our self-managed superannuation; something that has increased in importance as we now turn one eye towards stepping back from the business and our kids are taking more control.

Whatever the help, AMD will always perform it with professionalism and accuracy. It gives us great confidence in having such a trusted relationship.”

Kathie Dawson, Co-Owner

I’m really happy with their service. They make things easy and always deliver what they promise

Originally from Victoria, Mark and Kathie packed up their lives (including three young children) and relocated to WA in the early 2000s. However they were soon forced to come up with a Plan B after the company they moved to work for shut down.

“It definitely wasn’t ideal being so far from family and friends. But we decided to stay after having put so much effort into moving here,” Kathie said.

The duo identified what they called a “gap in the WA market”. There wasn’t another business providing the kind of service they had experience in, and so Mark and Kathie decided to back themselves and launch Tuncoat Australia.

Now, almost two decades later, they have clients across Australia. Their team has doubled in size and they’ve moved from rented premises to owning their property.

“It’s hard work running your own business, but we’re really proud of our achievements,” Kathie claimed.

“WA has been good for our family. There’s a great community around us, good schools and all the sporting activities the kids could have asked for. We’re really happy we stuck it out.”

And it’s the next generation where attentions are now focused. While Kathie admits they didn’t start the business with succession in mind, there’s now a possibility Mark and Kathie’s kids will take on more control.

“We’ve got retirement in mind,” Kathie laughed.

“It would be nice to see Tuncoat Australia continue with our sons and daughter-in-law calling the shots, and we could take a little step back and enjoy some time off.

“I don’t think we would disappear completely, but maybe having some days off would be nice.”

While it’s early days, no doubt AMD will be on hand to help the Dawsons navigate the handover when the time comes. Having worked with Tuncoat Australia for the last 5 years, AMD assists the business with a range of services – including their tax, self-managed superannuation and BAS statements.

“AMD have been of great assistance whenever we need it,” Kathie said.

“I’ve always been really impressed with their level of service, professionalism and knowledge. They make things easy and always deliver what they promise.

“It gives you great confidence that you’re getting the right advice when you need it.”

For more information, visit www.tuncoat.com.au