Shane Kaurin Connects with MYOB

Recently our very own Shane Kaurin was featured on MYOB’s ‘The Pulse’ about the ongoing success of AMD’s use of cloud accounting and how it has benefited both clients and accountants.

As one of the largest accounting firms outside of the Perth metropolitan area, AMD has taken great strides into ensuring the best quality of service for clients by adopting new technologies.  AMD has been working with MYOB for 14 years and use of range of MYOB products which has increased efficiency and allowed AMD to expand further in advisory services.

Cloud is giving us the tools to be more advisory; no longer sitting there crunching the numbers anymore. And the advisory role is more beneficial for the client, and more interesting for the accountant – Shane Kaurin

To view the full case study please visit The Pulse or Contact Us to learn more about how AMD can benefit you.