Vukelic Group

Paul Vukelic started a business in 1956, which has evolved from new and used cars, property development and investment, to today diversifying into seed capital and angel investment.

At the company core, the Vukelic Group are a largely private business focused on private investment and engagement with key stakeholders. Asher Vukelic has followed in his father’s footsteps and is now the company’s Managing Director.

The Vukelic Group have worked with AMD for close to 20 years and enjoy a fruitful, trustworthy relationship which has only grown in value over time.

Through several of the Vukelic family’s businesses, AMD over the years has offered tax, audit and increasing advisory services including family office support and board advisory.
In more recent years AMD’s services have evolved to include comprehensive performance reporting and cash flow forecasts complimented with active board participation.

Asher Vukelic says:

“AMD has improved our strategic board functions through advisory and active board participation, reinforced by AMD’s sound tax planning advice along with much improved cash flow forecasting and modelling. We have a wonderful working relationship with AMD which has continued to grow and flourish over our time working together. They really understand our personal mission and values and how this translates through our business objectives.”