AMD Chartered Accountant Acting as a Business Advisor and offering financial accounting advisory services


Business Advisors

We live in a nano-second world.
A world where response time is critical.

Tax and Business Advisors Offering Financial Accounting Advisory Services

We understand businesses must often respond quickly to meet opportunities; however, forgoing planning is not the ideal process. This is where we can help.

AMD are an accounting consulting firm that understands a quick response is important, but that it is equally important to have a solid plan in place before taking action.

Experienced Business Advisors

Our team of business advisor accountants have extensive experience in analyzing complex business situations and offering practical and effective solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. We understand that creating short and long-term success in business is dependent on sound planning, and that’s why we are committed to helping our clients turn their raw data into valuable insights that they can use to drive positive change.

Looking at the Whole Picture

At AMD, we pride ourselves on being more than just business or tax advisors. We see ourselves as a partner in your organisation, working closely with you to resolve current and future issues and build greater certainty for your organization.

Whether you need help with business health checks, investigative reports for third parties, business valuations, financial forecasting and planning, or due diligence for business acquisitions, our team has the expertise and experience to assist you in achieving your goals.

With the help of a business advisory accountant, you’ll have access to real-time, accurate financial information, enabling you to make informed decisions that support your business goals. By identifying areas of waste or inefficiency in your business, a business consulting company can help you reduce costs, improve your bottom line, and increase profits.

AMD Advisory Accounting Services includes:

– Annual 3-Way Cash Flow Forecasting

Gain an increased understanding of key performance drivers, manage your cash flow cycle and make informed decisions with respect to the financial impact of significant one-off events or prospective changes in business activities. Benefits include improved decision-making, cash flow predictability, and enhanced relationships with financiers and suppliers.

– Monthly Financial Reporting Dashboard

This service empowers businesses with actionable insights and real-time visibility into their performance. This service includes custom-tailored reports, key performance indicators, and regular meetings to optimise decision-making and achieve your goals.

– Business Health Checks

Comprehensive reviews of your business’s financial performance, cash flow, and key indicators to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance efficiency and optimise financial performance.

– Investigative Reports and Expert Opinions for Third Parties Such as Banks and Solicitors

Detailed investigative reports and expert opinions on financial matters for third parties, leveraging our expertise to deliver accurate and reliable information for decision-making purposes.

– Corporate Services

A comprehensive suite of services including attending to tax registrations and ensuring corporate compliance. Additionally, offering valuable assistance in the setup of companies or trusts, liaising with ASIC on your behalf, and attending to the preparation and lodgement of legal forms with ASIC to facilitate seamless changes to company details, including Trust variations or vesting deeds, share issues, transfers or conversions, address changes for key officers, and company de-registrations.

– Year-end Accounting

Preparation of annual special purpose and general purpose financial statements in accordance with relevant compliance requirements specific to local government, companies & not-for-profit associations. In addition, cooperate with the finance team to align trial balance with annual financials and assist in the annual review of business operations and other strategic matters.

– Technical Accounting Services

Assisting clients in adopting new accounting standards or dealing with complex accounting transactions such as business combinations, leases and revenue recognition. Helping clients maintain and improve procedures, processes, systems and controls.

– Virtual CFO

Providing experienced CFO support to businesses as per their requirements. Services include; maintaining accounting and reporting systems, assisting the internal finance team, and preparing financial reports and strategic financial advice.

– Share and Business Valuations

Establishing the market value of the business or shares to give you peace of mind.

– Benchmarking of Key Metrics Against Comparable Businesses and Industry Averages

Comparing your business results with those of comparable businesses in your industry.

– Due Diligence for Business Acquisitions

Investigating a business you’re considering investing in to ensure that you’re aware of all risks and that the information presented is accurate and identifying your likely level of return on investment. Ensuring you’re aware of the risks and returns associated with such a major transaction and so that assets are protected and all incidental tax benefits are realised.

– Preparation of Business Cases and Feasibility Studies

Investigating the viability of a project after taking into consideration all opportunities and risks.

– Financing and Debt Advice

Advising on funding options and negotiations with lenders, lease versus buy decisions, and capital versus debt financing.

Our range of accounting advisory services at AMD can help you remove elements of risk from your business and ensure its ongoing viability and sustainability. For more information on our business advisory accounting contact one of our friendly team today!