Wild Hop Brewing Company

Wild Hop Brewing Company is the South West’s newest boutique brewery based in the Yallingup hills.

It’s passionate team brews small batches of beers full of character and flavour, with a kitchen that serves up delicious food with ingredients grown on site. 

Run by Ali Scott-Malcom, her husband Matt and Ali’s parents, the family owned and operated business has been a real collaborative effort. Now Wild Hop is reaping the rewards as a popular weekend spot amongst visitors and locals alike.   

AMD have been a huge asset for us as we embarked on this massive journey of opening our own brewing company. Having that long-standing relationship through my parents, there was a strong sense of trust right from the beginning. And trust is so important when it comes to finances.

While I’ve grown up in a family business, this is my first time as a business owner. Therefore I’m learning a lot as I go. Steven Florance and the entire AMD team are really terrific in helping guide me through the process – everything from tax to business advisory, bookkeeping to advice on self managed superannuation funds. Their knowledge and experience is priceless.

AMD really understands the market and have their finger on the pulse, which means they’re proactive with their advice. They’ll always try to mitigate any potential issues before they happen. As a business owner – particularly as a new business owner – that gives me great peace of mind”

Ali Scott-Malcolm, Co-Owner & Operator

Our family has a long history with AMD

A family ‘dream’ soon became reality when Ali Scott-Malcom and her husband purchased 50 acres on Wildwood Road with her parents in 2012. After researching into ways the family could somehow turn their beautiful patch of South West land into an investment, Ali remembered a conversation she’d had with her Dad years earlier.

“Beer has always surrounded my family,” Ali said. “We love beer and it’s always been a staple of any family celebration.

“I remember my Dad saying he’d love to brew beer. It even got to the stage he was planning a full backyard setup with second hand vats in the shed. But before it got that far, Dad decided it was too much effort while he was running his own business, and so the brewery remained a pipe dream.”

Fast forward a few years, her parents had sold their business and they were now discussing ways they could maybe make some money from the land they now called home. Agricultural was raised, but as Ali so poignantly describes “we know nothing about farming”. 

But it was a faithful trip to the infamous Beerfarm in Metricup that set the wheels in motion.

“Matt and I went to the Beerfarm just after it opened, and that’s when we realised ‘hey, we could do something like this at our place’,” Ali said.

“We brought the idea to Mum and Dad and, next thing you know, we’re coming up with ideas and planning how things will happen. It all just snowballed from there.”

The family sent Matt to the United States of America to learn from the best as their designated Head Brewer, while Ali and her parents began making preparations – getting designs drawn up, seeking planning approvals and so forth. It was here that Ali engaged with AMD to assist.

“Our family has a long history with AMD. They were Mum and Dad’s accountants for 30-plus years while they were running their business, so it was a no brainer that we would turn to them when we began investigating opening a brewery,” Ali said.

“To begin with, we didn’t actually want to open as a hospitality venue. We were going to be a wholesale brewery where you could buy a six-pack after a tasting. But working with AMD, we realised the benefits of having hospitality attached.”

As a new business owner, Ali says she’s learning a lot along the way. However, she also knows she doesn’t have to do it all on her own.

“Every one of us has a unique skillset that we’ve added to the mix to create Wild Hop Brewery,” Ali said.

“AMD are a vital part of that collaborative efforts. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the various others arms of the business. I’m so thankful that they believe in this project and have helped us get to where we are today.”

Wild Hop is a family-friendly venue that is open from 11am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday. For more information, visit www.wildhopbeer.com.au.