William Barrett & Sons

The Barrett name has a long legacy in the South West, having first established in 1897 as a building company. However, over time the business has evolved to become the only family owned and operated funeral company in the region. 

Funeral Director Adrian Barrett admits that farewelling a loved one can be a highly emotive and sensitive time, but the company’s values include understanding emotion, exceeding expectation, managing budgets, helping families and supporting the wider community.   

AMD is a business, like us, that has been around for a long time. As someone who has grown up in Bunbury, the name AMD is synonymous with the region. Anybody asks ‘do you know a good accountant?’ AMD comes first to mind.

Our relationship has grown over the years based on AMD’s performance as a business. As a result, we’ve invested more with them, giving them more responsibilities with our finances.

Along with the good work they do, they also have a great team of people. Relationships are critical – if you know and trust someone, you’ll have a better experience. It’s very similar to our business; if someone passes away that love, you want to be assured that someone you know and trust is looking after that person.

Above all, AMD have allowed us to focus on what we do best by doing what they do best.”
Adrian Barrett, Funeral Director (and great-grandson of founder, William Barrett)

AMD allow us to focus on what we do best

As the great-grandson of founder William, Adrian Barrett is proud of the legacy his family has in the community. Having began life as a carpentry and building business, over time they found a niche market in funeral services.

“Back in the day in small towns like Busselton when someone passed away, the family would go to their local carpenter for a coffin. Then people would organise a funeral separately. That’s where the funeral service business began,” Adrian said.

In 1963, two Barrett brothers relocated to Bunbury and soon started up the funeral services side of the business.

“For a long time, right up until the late 1980s, we were still making coffins in a shed out the back of the funeral home,” Adrian said. “We were doing carpentry and funerals together for a long time, before we naturally moved into stand-alone funeral service business.”

Adrian’s father, Errol, took responsibility of the business 30-plus years ago, with Adrian working alongside as Funeral Director for the last 20 years.

He said the Barrett’s relationship with AMD started at Carey Park Football Club where Errol was President.

“(AMD Director) Shaun O’Callahan played league footy for Carey Park for decades, so he’s been a family friend for a long time. Over the years Shaun did a bit of work for us, but it was more recently that AMD have come on-board as our accountants,” Adrian said.

“They help us with our general finances, annual reports and tax advisory, as well as business governance. Obviously with a family business, succession planning is something that’s really important to ensure a seamless transition through the generations.

“AMD have gone over and above with assisting us in that long-term future planning when my Dad eventually steps away from the business.”

Adrian admits the business has growth plans for the future, which AMD have and will be helping make reality.

“We’ve certainly got bigger projects on the horizon, like new facilities and growth. AMD play an integral part in that future planning,” Adrian said. 

“They’re an integral part of our business because we trust them to give us good advice on the finance side of things, which allows us to focus on our customers, their loved ones, and the future of William Barrett & Sons.”